Kaleva Media Partners

We collaborate with the following groups: Oulun Kärpät, AC Oulu, Kempeleen Kiri, Qstock, Stadion Snowcross Oulu, Oulun Ravit, Suomipop Festivaali Oulu, Oulu Nice Soccer, Haukiputaan Pallo, Tervahiihto, World Cup Levi, Freestyle Ski World Cup Ruka.

Kaleva Media’s Sponsorship Principles

The main focus in all of Kaleva Media’s collaborations and sponsorships is on the local conquest of the world. We are involved in locally significant projects, events and phenomena, which support and develop northern vitality. With the current collaborations and sponsorships we want to support communities and tell stories that first and foremost support northern success.

We expect all our partners to act according to our values, reciprocally and with shared interest.  We prefer projects that include up to four of our main partners.

Sponsorship applications can be sent by via online form.

It is good to show, if the application is targeted at some of the following: environment, sports, culture, art or entertainment, social support, student or educational institution related collaboration or something else. In addition, the following points should be noted in the application:

  • How would the ”local conquest of the world” and ”northern success” show in your collaboration?
  • In what ways this collaboration would develop northern vitality?
  • What forms of collaboration would you offer to Kaleva Media?
  • How would this collaboration support both side’s reciprocity and common interest?
  • How are the environment and climate issues considered in the suggested collaboration?
  • From which other companies have you applied or received support?
  • Are you capable of delivering content material for Kaleva Media to use in our publications and social media?

Kaleva Media does not sponsor

  • Religiously or politically committed acts
  • Study or class trips
  • Anniversaries
  • Occupational groups’ Finnish Championships or other competitions