Company Management

Kaleva Oy is a corporation in which the decision-making power is divided between the shareholders’ meeting, board and operative management. Over 90% of the company’s shares are privately owned. Shares are split into the K-series with voting rights and the so-called privileged A-series.

The highest decision-making power in Kaleva Oy is used statutory by the shareholders’ meeting assembled once a year. The actual shareholders’ meeting is held annually on the day assigned by the board within six months from the accounting period ending.

The board makes decisions on Kaleva’s strategic policies, large investments and elects the company’s CEO. Overall, the company has approximately 250 owners.

Board Members

Taisto Riski
Commercial Counsellor (chairman)

Carita Antell
Master of Economic Sciences (vice-chairman)

Antti-Pekka Jauho

Kalle Korkeakivi

Sari Heinonen
PhD, Director, private clients, OP Group

Pekka Väisänen
MSc in Economics, Business Director, DNA

Antti-Pekka Jauho (top left), Kalle Korkeakivi, Pekka Väisänen, Sari Heinonen, Carita Antell (bottom left), Taisto Riski


Juha Laakkonen
CEO, Honorary Consul of the Czech Republic

Niiles Nousuniemi
Content Director

Janne Koski
Director of Printing and Distribution

Tommi Silfverhuth
Director of Research and Development

Anna Kärävä
Director of Communications and Culture

Pirjo Kytösalmi
Chief Financial Officer

Sari Kipinä
Executive Assistant